Yarn Along April 2014.


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Reading: Fatal North: Adventure and Survival Aboard U.S.S. Polaris, The First U.S. Expedition to the North Pole by Bruce Henderson. My oldest son really enjoys stories of shipwrecks and high sea adventures. My youngest son joined in this passion when we started reading about whaling ships. I enjoy true stories of early explorations and knew when I grabbed this title the boys would be asking me what happened in the story each new morning. Volatile relationships and a wooden boat packed with supplies head North for the Pole. Animosity and fear is created by a surprise death of the captain, leading the group to split into two, one must survive on a floating ice berg! With the help of native Eskimos this group overcomes starvation and a berg ready to crack to bits. I shall not complain about winter!

Knitting: Yay, it’s my first chance to knit for baby! And I’m lucky enough to knit for two! I decided to knit up some booties to start for twins due in June from Berroco’s Remix yarn. Wool just does NOT seem appropriate for June babes. The added benefit is that the yarn will be washable, and with two babies in hand, I do believe hand washing is asking a LOT anyways. With the sexes unknown, I’m going for the classic red and yellow colorway, a favorite of mine.


— Brenda

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