Wool Dryer Balls

I appreciate cleaning more since I do it less (as a result of owning less) and I do it on items I truly like. I’m not one to purchase disposable items if I can help it and as a result I have been using handmade wool dryer balls for four years now on our clothes. They are so cute and easy to make, so I thought I’d share a tutorial with you today.

To make wool dryer walls you will need:

100% wool yarn

100% wool roving


rubber bands

washing machine

dish soap

To start:

1. Put a “chunk” of an old wool sweater, wool yarn scraps, or something of the kind together for your center. You can use just yarn here too. It’s easiest if you cut a chunk and ball it up to start winding around.

2. Using this chunk as your center, start winding wool yarn around this, turning and shaping into a ball as you go. Do this until your ball is about tennis ball sized. Now wrap the 100% wool roving tightly around the yarn core, trying not to expose the yarn anywhere.

3. Take your ball-shaped mass and put it in the legs of a sacrificed panty hose. Slide the balls in carefully to try to maintain their shapes. Tie off between each ball with rubber bands. Make as many as you wish, I usually do a few at a time so as to not waste the laundry water.

Washing Instructions.

1. Put the pantyhose snake in your washing machine on HOT and use 1 tbsp. dish soap (not laundry detergent). Check after first load. To be completely felted (matted down) it may take two washings.

2. Put your pantyhose snake in the dryer.


Remove your sweet little balls from your snake and use in your dryer as a dryer sheet alternative. They eliminate static electricity and cut down on drying time by separating your clothes.


Put 2-3 drops lavender essential oil on your balls for lovely scented clothes. Be sure to let your oil dry thoroughly before drying so you don’t stain your clothes with it. You can try putting the oil on the day before the wash.

— Brenda

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  1. Great post – never realised how easy it was to make your own. Love the colours of yours. Is it the wool roving that comes in different colours?

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