Tidying Lessons

In Home Tidying Lessons

  • includes in depth tidying training based on the KonMari Method™
  • set goals
  • learn to declutter
  • focus on what to keep based on it's "joy"
  • learn to fold for maximum effectiveness
  • learn how to create drawer space
  • learn lifelong skills to enjoy and manage your belongings indefinitely
  • contact me today to learn more

What to Expect?

Tidying with a joyful focus is motivating!

Set Goals

First you will set goals as some pre-tidy homework. Goal setting and tidying are tightly bonded.

Create a Plan

Together we will see what tidy level you are at and create a plan to get to where you want to be.


Now we can start tidying, by category, with a joyful focus!


Store the items you have selected to stay in your home.


Discard those items that you have selected to go with a nice thank you.

Assess our Progress

Here is where we will assess what we've accomplished and what we need to do next (edit our plan).



What Sparks Joy?

When you select what sparks joy, you create the ultimate joyful surroundings. When the sorting process is complete, we will explore and execute your unique, best storage options and resources to discard of items that no longer spark joy. As we work together, you will be left with a tidy, sorted, space. We will discuss how many lessons will be needed to complete the process that lead to your Zen Tidy home.

Yes, I want my home to spark joy!

Ready to make some decisions on what sparks joy for you?