Complimentary Phone Introduction

A personalized introduction to the Konmari Method, ask me questions, define your needs, and learn how Konmari can spark joy for you. Click the button for my contact form, or you can just text me directly at 608.807.9367.

One Tidying Session

I will come to your home and we will progress through your belongings in this order,

(1) Clothing (2) Books (3) Papers (4) Komono (miscellaneous) (5) Sentimental

Sessions include:

  • method: specific progression through your items
  • thoroughness: you will be directed to touch everything you own in a category
  • power of choice: you choose which items to keep and which to remove
  • reference: specific paperwork developed to support your tidying event and remember the details
  • detail oriented email follow-up
  • continual support: via email/phone/text between sessions
  • contact me today to learn more


$300/5 hour session

(military and senior discounts available)

Typical number of sessions needed:

Single Room: 1-3 / Single Bedroom Home: 3-5 / 3+ Bedroom Home: 4-8+

6 Tidying Sessions

  • discounted price for booking six tidying sessions
  • focus: address all the categories monthly, one visit per month for six months
  • contact me today to learn more


$1000/six 5 hour sessions

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What to Expect?

Tidying with a joyful focus is motivating!

Set Goals

First you will set goals as some pre-tidy homework. 

Review Your Space

We will walk through your space and view what you own and how it's stored


Now we can start tidying, by category, with a joyful focus!


Store the items you have selected to stay in your home. 


Discard those items that you have selected to go with a nice thank you.

Follow Up

I will send a detailed email to follow up on our progress. 

What Sparks Joy?

When you select what sparks joy, you create the ultimate joyful surroundings. When the sorting process is complete, we will explore and execute your unique, best storage options and resources to discard of items that no longer spark joy. As we work together, you will be left with a tidy, sorted, space. We will discuss how many lessons will be needed to complete the process that lead to your Zen Tidy home.


Yes, I want my home to spark joy!

Ready to make some decisions on what sparks joy for you? Call me at 1-608-807-9367 today and let's talk tidy!