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(above: one of my favorite records)

My phone cannot hold my entire computer’s iTunes library. I make sure my current favorites get loaded, but my phone loads the rest arbitrarily. So, the other day when music was shuffling while driving, I was rather annoyed when Dora the Explorer came on.., again. It’s not that I don’t like Dora the Explorer, clearly I purchased her awesome tunes. Rather, it’s that I’m really over Dora the Explorer since my boys are now 9 and 12. When we belted out Baby Einstein, Dora, and other fabulous children’s music, it was fun. Years ago. But now, I’m done.

It’s fantastic that music is so compact. That it’s just files that store on our computer or even more awesomely, files that get streamed! But, it’s sometimes so out of sight, out of mind, that it’s easy to skip updating. I haven’t been rocking Dora for quite a few years, but every time the song came on, I’d just skip it, instead of deal with it. But, now I’m proud to say Dora is gone! And Baby Einstein! And Crayola Kids!

These past few weeks, I broke down the iTunes list by artist and spent a little time each day processing through a letter. A’s. B’s. C’s. and so on. I deleted those that no longer spark joy for me – in fact they actually irritated me. (If the song was someone else in the family’s then it stayed – as is always the policy – we can never declutter for others.) So, now I can jump for joy because when I hit shuffle, I will enjoy music I love today.

So today, my digital advice to you is don’t skip it. Deal with it:)

(If you live in fear that you may one day long to re-own that song, click here to see if the library owns it. And I may rest assured I can listen to Dora again via CD if my heart ever desires- even some newer ones).

— Brenda

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