Paper Crafts.

A few of the crafts we’ve created this past week as paper is quicker to create with than fiber.


The template I used is available here.


Pattern stamping book here. These are the boys’ pictures. They came up with the masked man all by themselves. I was an impressed Momma.

And I do believe this is the first time Star Wars has made it to my blog. Sometimes a Momma has to give in:) We have a book they love and look through incessantly. It became so worn, it broke to bits. The spine is long gone, and they still carry the pages around! I found another hardcover copy for them and thought they might enjoy punching out their favorites Star Wars Clone Wars Characters to hang as a garland. (Usually a garland is the answer around here as I’m a little garland crazy.) Now they have a Star Wars picture gallery in their stairwell that we hand-made together. Seems like a good mix of momma and boys.



— Brenda

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