Konmari Chicago Seminar April 2017.

Gloomy weather didn’t affect us inside. This past weekend in Chicago IL, along with 79 other participants, I was so excited to dig deeper into the Konmari Method. The well-presented content and engaging activities left me feeling not only excited about Zen Tidy, but also extremely connected to the other participants. I can tell the community experience is a vital part of this certification process.

Daily encouragement from staff led us to mingle at multiple tables, with multiple fellow certifiers, who inevitably had experiences to share, inspiring input, and stories to help all those around. My love for the Konmari Method only grew.

(Apparently, we had a news reporter among us as well. See the article in the Chicago Tribune.)

I’m mapping out the plan for continuing certification, confident this will be a perfect fit for my knowledge and passion. As a homeschooling, stay at home mother, I spend countless hours, days even, at home. Konmaring my home created a sanity haven! To be able to help others create space, order, and intention in their space is my dream come true. To involve future generations, encouraging them to tidy young, is so vital.

— Brenda

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