How to Deal With Product Labels.

When your home is tidy and it sparks joy, you start to notice something annoying creep in, product labels.  It definitely sparks joy to have cleaners, lotions, and the like around, but looking at the clashing labels can be downright annoying. From quick to methodic, here are some ideas on how to delete or minimize some labels and “noise”.

Eliminate It: 

If it’s not there in the first place, it can’t bug you.

Find an alternative.

Soap bars are a great label free option to plastic soap containers. You can even get a shampoo bar. You can read more about no ‘poo options too.

Make it yourself.

Instead of buying lotions, I’ve found that coconut oil is a fantastic face moisturizer and lip balm. I store it in a small canning jar on my bathroom shelf. Pinterest is abound with loads of homemade options and check out this amazing magazine with gobs of recipes.

Contain It.

Most items fit well in rectangular baskets or containers. These usually hide most labels until needed.

Transfer Contents.

You could transfer the contents from the original container to another clear container.

Plastic containers:

It is possible to buy clear, plastic containers and spray bottles at most stores. I have a clear, plastic squeeze bottle for my husband’s shampoo. I keep the original bottle in a basket and refill as needed. He said the bonus is he uses less shampoo with the squeeze bottle.

Glass containers:

Lotions & Hand Soaps: If you’d like a less plastic option (I usually do) for lotions, you can purchase pumps set in canning jar lids and put hand soaps and lotions in the glass canning jar. I found these at World Market and I think the neutral label is cute. I have refilled this container for over 3 years, and it still works perfectly. However, I know you can purchase just the pumps set in lids on as well.

Household cleaners: I have these from Grove Collaborative. Also, resale stores are full of clear containers. I bought a glass jug from Goodwill that I keep my vinegar in. Just be sure to remember what’s in your unlabeled container or label minimally.

Alter the Label.

If you don’t want to eliminate it or transfer it, you can alter the label, then label it the way you prefer.

Rip it off:

For toilet paper you can simply remove the paper label. When stacked under the sink, it’s protected from regular bathroom moisture and easily identifiable.  For lotions or cleaners, you can remove labels by ripping the paper label off and clean the glue off with baking soda and water. Please be sure to label items directly so you remember what you have.

Cover it.

You could cover the current label with a new paper label. I mentioned Pinterest before, but will again. I often see printable labels available. Or, channel your inner crafter. Grab paint, markers, or matching washi tape. I am a knitter and I have a new mission this year for my pantry. I’m planning on knitting some tubes to slide up and over containers. I will post on that at some point. Use your talents and what’s around you. Make it pretty, have fun with it.



— Brenda

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