Thinking about homeschooling?

I have a confession. I wasn’t. My husband handed me an article in a homesteading magazine and I balked at it. Then I read it. The family described their lifestyle, their surroundings of books, and ability to pursue the things they loved. That piqued my interest. 

Then I started thinking of all the wasted time the boys would have to spend in a school bus and how people in America keep reporting unhappiness. How there is a general feeling of disconnection with nature, which it turns out is making us adults feel awful.

My wheels started turning. I knew I could teach the boys bookwork, but by homeschooling I could teach them so much more. My husband and I could freely travel, not bound to a school calendar. We could have them meet people of all ages. We could hike, and create, and discover together. And with my husband’s support, I decided I would take this task on for all of us.