Holiday Decorating.

I am excited about decorating my small home and chicken coop for my family and friends this year because last year I was a bit rushed just moving in. Happily, we cut our living space by 1,000 square feet which now forces me to be mindful of display space. Here are a few things I try when it comes to decorating.

I remember to shop what I already own before shopping any store.

  • Chances are I have something already that would work. I make sure I look through my decorations before purchasing anything new.

I try to use books and magazines as inspiration only.

  • I find items I currently have that are similar in shape or color to what my inspiration is, wisely reminding myself it doesn’t have to be that EXACT thing in the photo. Sometimes I even find something I own works better.

When I open my holiday boxes I revisit if the items spark joy.

  • I have to touch each item as I bring them out, so it’s easy to reassess each item.

If shopping, I search for the item I need instead of browsing.

  • Lists help me focus and plan and save me unnecessary purchases.

Holiday cheer is better than holiday clutter, so I try to be vigilant. How about you? What are some ways you avoid adding clutter but instead add holiday spirit?


— Brenda

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