Hand Quilted XO Quilt.


Before I was a mother and before I knew what a blog was, I took a quilting class. I remember the teacher showing me the two options for sewing the binding on a quilt. One is by machine and one is by hand. I was in my twenties and scoffed at the foolishness of hand quilting. Why on earth would anyone want to hand quilt when a perfectly good sewing machine was available?


I made a few quilts and decided to make at least one by hand even if it took a really long time. I found a cute XO quilt pattern and decided to make it for my husband. Phew, that was over 10 years ago and last week I decided it had to get done. I did a lot of the hand quilting straight away but I got stuck when it came to hand quilting the border. The poor thing has sat in my living rooms unfinished (at three houses) but never able to be sat under. So, I said forget it. Skip hand sewing the border and just use that sewing machine to finish the binding to give this quilt a chance.


I thrust it into my husband’s lap and said, “Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and everything in between” He laughed and said, “I can’t sit under this. I don’t want to ruin it.” Par for the course. He said we need to hang it, and we may. In the meantime, our dog enjoyed a nap on it the other day. Either way, it feels really, really good to just be done….besides, I’ve got another hand sewing project I need to start….

— Brenda

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