Generic Containers.

In an effort to make our bathroom advertisement free, I switched our shampoo bottles to generic, clear, squeezable containers. A few weeks later, my husband thanked me. He noticed that his shampoo wasn’t spilling out in droves every time he used it, annoyingly wasting plenty. He said the new tinier spout was helping him dole out just what he needed. That was a great second benefit, as I was just trying to make it look nicer.

In fact, he asked me if we could find something better for our syrup. We buy syrup in large half gallon containers, and yes, a lot flows out too easily. Often. I found a great option that fits in the top of a canning jar and has a flip top lid. I purchased two, one for our homemade dressing as well.

Now we don’t have to purchase as often because we aren’t wasting as much! Tidying often leads to saving time and money!




— Brenda

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