Favorite Book: Art Detective: Spot the Difference by Doris Kutschbach.


Our night-time schedule is different now. I used to put both boys to bed at the same time after one reading. Now, our older son wishes to go to bed earlier than our younger son. The little fella is not ready to accept the single reading for both as the final show, so after we all read together, I read with just him. Except, I don’t really want to read another chapter book after just reading one (we read LOADS enough as it is.) I found this fabulous book and he and I worked together for a couple of weeks.

Art Detective: Spot the Difference by Doris Kutschbach uses famous pieces of art juxtaposed. One is the original, one has several “mistakes.” We had to look back and forth over and over at both pieces to find the errors. For a boy who loved Where’s Waldo and a tired mom, this book was just the ticket!

I’ve found the most fun way to expose the boys to great works of art is to engage them with a game or questions, both requiring searching the art for an opinion or answer. In this way we noticed funny animal poses and shy faces, weird historical artifacts and fabulous fabrics. We started sharing our opinions on the art, what we liked and didn’t, unprompted. But most importantly, it was fun and I find that’s a great note to head off to slumberland.

— Brenda

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