How is the KonMari Method different from organizing?

It is a once and for all tidy. If you organize your items by space, you will never be finished. Instead, this method focuses on organizing by item, in a very precise order, to hone your selection skills and connect you to the quantity of items you own. In addition, it does not focus on storage "solutions" products. This is a way of tidying that will last your lifetime, not some gimmicky product's short life span.

What is your area of coverage?

Currently, tidying lessons are offered in Madison, Janesville, & Elkhorn WI and the surrounding areas. I have had customers as far as Saint Charles, Illinois and am originally from the Chicago suburbs. So, I'm happy to drive if you are happy to tidy with me.

Why is a tidying session so long?

In order to make significant progress, hone your sorting skills, and make sure your home is in order before I leave, sessions are 5 hour increments.

Will we talk before you visit my home?

Yes, as soon as you are interested in lessons, please ask me questions via email, text, or by phone. I love answering questions about tidying:) When you book your first lesson, I will send an email with a short survey and more information so we can really hone in on your goals and make this your best and last tidy.

What happens at my first session?

After a brief intro, your session will start with the first category: clothing. We collect all the items from one category, sort based on joyful feelings, discard those that no longer spark joy, learn to fold, file into drawers, and thank those that will be leaving the home. An email follow up will include a break down of your skills assessment and questions. All subsequent sessions review skills assessment and continue on their categories.

What should I have ready?

Everyone is unique and has special collections and concerns. Mostly just have a vision of what you'd like to gain from your tidy home, some trash bags, bottled water, and enthusiasm. This process is so gentle, individual, and joyful.

Is it really worth it?

If you are ready to clear your home of clutter, be able to access the items you love easily, become a mindful shopper, and love your space, then absolutely!