Why is my business called "zen" tidy?

When tidying with a client, we transformed her closet. She and I stood and marveled over it, taking the change in. She said, "This is so Zen." I laughed and asked, "Did you say that on purpose? Referring to my business name?" Surprised she looked at me, laughed and said, "Actually, no! It just is!" It confirmed that my business name was a perfect fit. To me, Zen is associated with a state of clarity, calmness, and intention which anyone can aspire to through tidying their home. When you tidy using the Konmari Method, you don't just shuffle items around, you learn to ask meaningful questions about why you own those items and even treat your items with respect. 

How is the KonMari Method different from just organizing?

If you organize your items by space, you will never be finished. Instead, this method focuses on organizing by item, in a very precise order, to hone your selection skills and connect you to the quantity of items you own. In addition, it does not focus on storage "solution" products. Continually practicing the Konmari Method is a way of tidying that can last your lifetime, not some gimmicky product's short life span.

How is the KonMari Method different from minimalism?

The Konmari Method focuses on selecting the items you wish to keep based on your joyful feelings towards them. There is no limit to how much you can keep and I will NEVER tell you to discard an item. Instead, I help you discover what is joyful to you. Minimalism focuses on sparseness and simplicity. The Konmari Method focuses on joyful surroundings and locating items easily.

What is your area of coverage?

Currently, tidying lessons are offered in Madison, Janesville, & Elkhorn WI and the surrounding areas. I have had customers as far as Saint Charles, Illinois and am originally from the Chicago suburbs. So, I'm happy to drive if you are happy to tidy with me.

Why is a tidying session so long?

In order to make significant progress, hone your sorting skills, and make sure your home is in order before I leave, sessions are 5 hour increments. You will not believe how quickly time flies! Be assured I watch my clock to keep us on track.

How many visits will I need?

Everyone is unique and all homes are different. I can answer this question best after we finish the first session. At this time I have seen your storage space and how you like to work. The rough estimate is a single room will take 1-3 lessons, 1 bedroom client 3-5 lessons, clients who lives with a family in a 3+ bedroom home can take 4-10 or more lessons. To trim your lessons the number one thing you can do is be an active participant, tackle your homework, and work diligently between lessons. Be sure to see I have a reduced price for 6 sessions.

What is your pricing?

One 5 hour session is $300. Multiple sessions can be purchased at a serious discount as well. Pricing includes the actual home visit, but also includes my driving time, and all the time I spend speaking with you before/after and in between sessions. I love keeping in contact with my clients! Texted photos, instagram messages, emails, and phone chats are the best. Rest assured, we are working together towards your Konmari success and I'm happy to be available to you for all your questions.

Will we talk before you visit my home?

Yes, as soon as you are interested in lessons, please ask me questions via email, text, or by phone. I love answering questions about tidying:) We will talk by phone or email before I visit. I have some reading I like to send over before we begin.

What happens at my first session?

When you book your first session. I will send you a goal setting worksheet. It's ideal if you read through and set goals for your space before I arrive, but I can help you when I arrive as well. During your first session, we will start by reviewing your ideal life. Then you get to give me a short tour of your space. After that we we will invoke the home's support as we begin your tidying event. We will start with the first category: clothing. We collect all the items from one category, sort based on joyful feelings, discard those that no longer spark joy, learn to fold, file into drawers, and thank those that will be leaving the home. An email follow up will include a break down of your skills assessment and questions. All subsequent sessions review skills assessment and continue onto the categories in order by the Konmari Method.

What should I have ready?

Everyone is unique and has special collections and concerns. Mostly just have a vision of what you'd like to gain from your tidy home, some trash bags, bottled water, and enthusiasm. This process is so gentle, individual, and joyful.

Is it really worth it?

If you are ready to clear your home of clutter, be able to access the items you love easily, become a mindful shopper, and love your space, then absolutely!