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While I would probably have cried at the idea of my boys wanting Pokémon cards a year ago, today I am very enthusiastic about the cards. I am equally enthusiastic to see they are making their own versions and hold them in the same regard. In fact, I’m downright proud of their attention to the detail and interesting homemade versions.

When I became a mother, my self-appointed mission was deflect all terrible things from my children. Terrible things being defined by me and Dear Husband, and a year ago Pokémon was definitely in that category. But today, I’m learning some terrible things aren’t so terrible, and in fact, they can be great. When my seven-year old said, “Mom, did you know two of seventy is ten less than three of fifty?,” I smiled. Instead of deeming what they shan’t have in the future, I’m learning to redefine “terrible things” in the moment. I’m also learning to redefine “terrible things” a bit more loosely. Meryl’s My Bit of Earth post put it so well.

So, we open our arms to Pokémon and who knows what else to come. For these weeks, I’ll be pencil coloring Pokémon cards with the boys and answering them honestly, when they ask which name sounds the fiercest. Heck ya to Heckrum!

— Brenda

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