Your main storage is in your drawers. To divide your drawers pack them like bento boxes looking for containers that are rectangular or spark joy or hopefully both.

The best way to store items in your drawers according to Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is in shoeboxes. They are sturdy and usually attractive. So every time you see a shoebox, give it a once over and decide if it could be put into service. Then, fold socks, line them inside and stick it in the drawer with underwear, or fold camisole shirts and stick it in with shirts. It’s a fabulous way to keep like items together.

What if you don’t have a lot of shoeboxes? Then when looking for containers focus on two things, rectangles and/or beauty. The item in the photograph is a thrifted tissue box container. It had a top that I recycled and I use it to store lined up granola bars and applesauce in our pantry. For me it has both qualities. The plastic is also useful in the kitchen because these items are more likely to get wet or spillage. I also have an old wooden library card drawer that my tea is lined up in and a wooden drawer divider for other powdered packages. Again, these both serve both categories for me.

In the end, you can break the rectangle rule if your container brings you joy. I worked with a client who had some round trinket boxes in her jewelry drawer. While they are not the perfect shape, we made them fit just fine and they are winners because of their beauty.

— Brenda

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