The climate in Tennessee is favorable to bugs and I’m darn sick of it. Ticks, fleas, spiders (some poisonous, ugh!), you name it. I’m just not used to this and it is my opinion that Tennessee could do well with some long, cold winters. However, as I don’t make the weather and Tennessee is where I live, I have decided to get even. We are raising chicks.


A casual mention to my husband after fretting about said poisonous spiders had us really thinking this idea was a good one. (To be sure we actually never saw these spiders yet, I just get creeped out by the thought). So when the pest control man stated that to reduce spiders, they basically reduce the bugs the spiders eat,  we decided we’d rather hire our own flock of chickens before him. (Nothing personal, I just thought we’d get the added benefit of fresh, local eggs, something I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to offer.)


A week of reading everything I could about chickens, asking friends who have had and currently have chickens, and a stop at the local Tractor Supply has six new gals residing at our address. Four are Red Sex Link Chickens (a breed they can sex by color) and two are White Leghorns.

It’s all we can do to stop checking them out, they are interesting and exciting for a family whom always has dogs.chickspailandpie2

So, bugs watch out, we’ve got a six headed monster coming at you and you don’t stand a chance…. that’s the plan anyways.

(Note: I’m quite certain these little ladies will be in many photos to come. We’ve learned so much and are learning as we go, so stop in to see their progress.)


— Brenda

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