Cheekwood Botanic Garden and Art Museum offers home school days twice per year. We were happy to attend this past week on a beautiful spring day full of blooms and sunshine. With sandals and shorts on, the boys played among Magnolia blossoms while petals fell down on them like Autumn leaves. Later looking down we saw beautiful tulips lined up en masse and we also took a mile long art hike. It was just a really fun day with my 5 and 8 year-olds.



Each new spring, I can’t help but think how my boys are also blossoming. That I am so fortunate to home school and have another year of their company, growth, lego creations, silly jokes, puzzling serious questions, fun baked goodies, cool projects and more. I love to glance at another stack of books we’ve read and enjoyed together. I love being surprised by their choice of words, their ability to describe things and create and plan something they carry through with.

I so enjoy how our relationship is blossoming. When I yearn to hold them as the tiny new babies they once were, I remind myself of how I didn’t even know their likes then. I couldn’t know what they were thinking when they were 8 pound wonders. Bringing my awareness in the moment again, I’m thankful for how far they’ve come and looking forward to another year of blossoming too.blossompailandpie4

— Brenda

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