Astronomy for Kids.


Following the nature study rotation on Ambleside, this quarter we will be stargazing. It’s a subject I wish I knew more about, but always seem confused with when looking through astronomy books and maps. Searching astronomy for kids and Waldorf yielded an excellent book I wish I had years ago, The Stars by H.A. Rey. This book is thorough without being frightening. It is a book I can page through again and again for enjoyment, one we have sat on the couch and lost time looking through all together. I used to balk at my sorry astronomy skills because my parents only showed me The Big Dipper as a girl. I have since learned this dipper is easy to spot and a great identifier for other constellations, so my Dad’s one night-time whim, pointing to the dipper,  proved me more capable than I knew.


With newfound passion and hope that the skies may indeed be easier to decipher, we started this project. In fact, my Pinterest Nature Study board will fill up quite well these next few weeks, so please follow along if you are yearning for some stargazing projects.


The only hold up has been our weather. For the past week I have gone outside every night looking for stars only to see a haze of clouds mocking me. So, while we lay in wait for “official” stargazing our astronomy has turned inwards. From handmade bead ornaments, quilts, painting, origami, and twinkling lights, it seems we do have quite a bit of stars around after all.





— Brenda

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