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My Family's Story

When we put our Nashville area home on the market, I found Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Our home sold quickly, thanks to the process in the book,  and my husband and I decided to pursue our dream.

We decided to move into our Airstream trailer and take a very long trip (5 months) with our growing boys. We visited Key West, FL, all the way to Sonoma CA!

Then we decided to build a small home, deleting 1000 square feet of our former living space, reducing our furniture and belongings. Most importantly we swelled our time and care for the things we love!

But I couldn't stop there. I told everyone how transformative the process was and I decided to become a Konmari Certified Consultant. My passion is to teach people they CAN be tidy!

So what's your story? What are your goals? Contact me today to learn how to get started with your joyful tidy. Learn more. 

All my skills blend together to provide you organizational success.

Certified Konmari Consultant:

  • (the first in Wisconsin!) who understands the process of assessing what one owns and how to maximize your space.

Homeschooling Mother:

  • who understands how cluttered space can negatively affect your time and mood and am also well acquainted with ways to teach and acquire new concepts.

Marketing Degree:

  • I am a college graduate with a marketing degree who understands the methods companies employ to make you buy more stuff.


  • I am a parent who understands what it is like to set up space for multiple individuals.

Small Space Experience:

  • I am an RV enthusiast, who knows how to organize really tiny spaces.

Multiple Residences:

  • I have lived in three states and over the road in an RV, and can teach you how to utilize your space best.

Brenda Massei

Certified Konmari Consultant

Wisconsin Organizer

Learn Organization

Contact me to learn more and how we can work together to tidy your home once and for all! Call me at 1-608-807-9367 and let's talk about making your home the most joyful.