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What is Konmari?

This method makes organizing and decluttering positive. No one knows better than yourself what will support you! We organize storage around your favorite things.


  • happiness: a joyful client centered focus
  • individuality: your home will reflect your unique personality
  • respect: kind treatment of your belongings
  • confidentiality: discreetness and non-judgemental atmosphere
  • intention: your clear space creates room for the long term focus on your life

My Family's Story

When we put our Nashville area home on the market, I found Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up on audio from the library. It was energizing, motivating, and fun! When our home sold thanks to the decluttering I practiced, my husband and I decided to pursue a dream. First with some of the house sale funds we decided to move into our Airstream trailer and take a very long trip (5 months) with our growing boys. We visited Key West, FL, all the way to Sonoma CA. It was a great family experience! Then we decided to build a small home, deleting 1000 square feet of our former living space, reducing our furniture and belongings and most importantly swelling our time and care for the things we love! Using Marie Kondo's inspiring book, we learned how to focus on what we love and reevaluate what we need.

But I didn't stop there. I told everyone how transformative the process was and I decided to become a Konmari Certified Consultant. Tidying changes perspectives! Now I have the best joy in the world, I teach others how to tidy and pursue the lifestyle they want!

About Me.

I love to sort, match and organize things. Even back in grade school I alphabetized my school books in my desk. As a homeschooling mother I know the value of an organized home!

Don't worry, though. Even though I love and appreciate order, I am not obsessed with it. I also love painting with my boys, sewing, knitting, reading, hiking, and traveling. My tidy home gives me time to enjoy my family and the hobbies I adore.


Brenda Massei

Certified Konmari Consultant

Madison Wisconsin Organizer


Wife, mother of two (often messy) boys, pet lover, knitter, and organizing enthusiast.

Learn More...

Contact me to learn more and how we can work together to tidy your home once and for all! Call me at 1-608-807-9367 and let's talk tidy!