Welcome. I’m so happy you have a chance to read a bit about our family. 

I am a wife of 19 years, and a homeschooling momma of two (quickly) growing boys. Truthfully, what I was reluctant to begin, homeschooling, has become my greatest journey. 

Currently, we live in Southeast Wisconsin surrounded by cornfields and soybeans. We spend our days reading, learning, making, and tending our pet dog, cat, and chickens.

We have lived in three states (Illinois, Tennessee, and Wisconsin) and we have lived over the road in an Airstream trailer and an entertainer’s bus. We like adventures:)

I started blogging in 2010 to share our days with family across the country and anyone who wanted to see what life was like homeschooling. 

On my little web place in the whole wide web world, I try to share a little of what I learned while schooling my sons. I also certified as a Konmari Consultant in 2017 and I like to share about organizing. 

Check in on the blog for my thoughts on both, click here for homeschooling mentoring and click here for organizing