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Tidy Lessons

On site (your home, RV, or office) tidying lessons teach lifelong skills from a joyful focus. In each session you will:

  • learn how to select items that spark joy to reduce clutter
  • set up better systems to see what you love
  • better your skills to enjoy more time surrounded by the things you love

This is more than organizing, this is the learning of a life long skill set!

Clients say:

"I'm still doing it like you showed me."

"I've never had my things so organized. It's so nice."

"It's easier to organize when you are here, you are motivating and helpful for me."

If tidying confuses you, let's talk about why. We are going to make this your best and last tidy event.

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Tidy Blog

I'm reading, researching, teaching, and loving tidy. Read my personal experiences, why the Konmari approach is so successful, marketing tricks, recommended books, and more.

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Tidy once and for all!

Imagine your space full of all the things you love. The process of selecting what sparks joy is invigorating! I've done it!

Have you ever spent the day at home, cleaning, cooking, sorting and folding, tidying, and organizing only to see no difference shortly thereafter? It's discouraging! As a homeschooling mother, our families space defines our personal success and attitudes. I was never willing to give into the messes, only to find the solutions. My family has provided honest feedback for my continual organizing experiments!

Then the KonMari Method™ brought it all together. I found the once and for all success for us. When we meet, you'll see I just can't stop talking when I get on a topic I love, I'm always happy to share.

With my experiences, KonMari certification training, inspiring clients, and enthusiasm, I will help you change your space and forever  and YES! change your life!

  • Gain space you didn't know you had!
  • Gain time you didn't know you were wasting!
  • Feel proud of your individual space.
  • Become a deliberate caretaker of your home.
  • See what you own at a quick glance due to the folding and storing methods, so you don't rebuy.
  • Learn to make intentional choices with money and space.
  • Release attachments to clutter.

This tidy is for one end goal: getting your home in order so you can move on and pursue the dreams of your life!


Let's Tidy!

I'm friendly and helpful, I promise. Call, text, or email me today with your questions to better understand what we can do to make your home tidy together.